I Lost 30 lbs and kept it off with Slender Cider

“My cravings are totally gone! Slender Cider has made an incredible difference for me. I feel more balanced and more healthy.  I’ve lost 30 lbs and kept it off.  Drinking Slender Cider is the only thing I’m doing differently so I know that Slender Cider is what’s making a huge difference for me!”

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.

Dawn Opitz

I Love Slender Cider!

I went off Slender Cider for 3 days and I’m not doing that again! I absolutely need it! I really missed it! Without Slender Cider I feel out of control. It calms me. It takes away the edge. I love Slender Cider!

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.

Julie Gage

“I am never hungry with Slender Cider”

“Slender Cider is amazing! I’m never hungry anymore. It’s completely curbed my appetite. Since I’ve been drinking Slender Cider, my blood pressure has gone down and my doctor cut my medicines in half! I feel young again!”

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.


Valerie Phillips

better concentration, more energy

“I lost three pounds in 2 weeks with no effort at all! And I definitely have better concentration and more energy.”

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.


Linda Barron

more vigor, increased activity

“With Slender Cider, I am more active with more energy. I have less bloating and my stomach actually feels tighter.”

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.

Sandy Bridgeman

makes me eat less and gives me more pep

“I feel much more energized with I drink Slender Cider and it makes me eat less.  In two weeks, I’ve dropped 2 pounds without even trying. It takes away my craving for sweets or carbs. I love the taste – even straight from the bottle!”

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.


Diane Lane

less appetite, losing weight

“My appetite is down and I don’t have the food cravings anymore.  I’m losing weight and I have a lot more energy.”

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.



Maryann Francine Gnerre

no more cravings for sweets

“The desire for sweets, carbs and popcorn is completely gone!”

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from one person to another.


Frank Maggese

better digestion

“Wow! Slender Cider really helps my digestion and elimination.”

Charlotte Walters

I lost a few pounds in just the first week

“In just the first week I lost a few pounds.  I get a burst of energy every time I drink Slender Cider.”

Eileen Schwebel

Increases my energy level

“Slender Cider boost my energy but I never feel jittery. It’s like a calm energy that keeps me in the zone. I love that because I am trying to cut back on caffeine but always feel like I could use a pick me up.  It’s great for natural energy with lots of nutritional benefits in the herbs.”

Justin Bishop

gives me more energy

“Slender Cider takes away my desire for snacks and sweets, and it gives me a lot more energy.”


Cheryl Jann-Ferreira

I feel invigorated and eat less

“Drinking Slender Cider really helps me to eat less and feel more invigorated.”


Maria Tringali

Thank you for Slender Cider!

“I truly enjoy drinking Slender Cider. I’ve lost weight and feel great. Thank you for this amazing product!”


Diane Ross

I feel stronger and more energized

“When I drink Slender Cider, I definitely eat less, feel stronger and have more energy.  What I love about it is that I can go all day long–there’s no afternoon crash.”

Eric Surette

I love Slender Cider!

“Slender Cider is wonderful!  I’m eating less carbs, smaller portions and preferring healthier foods.  I have less brain fog and my ulcerative colitis is completely in control now.  I love to drink Slender Cider in the afternoon, because I know my dinner will be much smaller.”

Maryann Laporte

Slender Cider gives me more energy!

“My energy has doubled since I started drinking Slender Cider!”

Nadia Pesa

Slender Cider is fantastic!

“Slender Cider is fantastic!  I definitely have more energy and feel healthier when I drink Slender Cider.  It’s easy to lose weight and my friends tell me how good I look.  I love the taste – just a hint of soothing ginger.  Slender Cider is the real deal!”


Kevin Dayson

We love Slender Cider

“My husband and I started drinking Slender Cider every day.  We love it!”


Nicki Lynch

Greater energy level

“I am truly impressed with how much more energized I feel when I drink Slender Cider.”

Mike Hagan

I feel more alive and awake

“I can honestly say that Slender Cider has changed my life. I already had good eating habits and a pretty healthy lifestyle.  But the first thing that impressed me about Slender Cider is how much more awake and alive I feel during the day.  My energy level has soared.”

Frances Scheuer

curbs my appetite

“I really like the flavor of Slender Cider and I’m losing weight.  I’ve been taking 4-5 tablespoons a day in my drinking bottle. It makes a huge difference. I absolutely intend to keep taking it!”

Charlie Pillot

Decreases desire for sweets, sleeping more soundly

“I’m sleeping more soundly and have less desire for sweets and carbohydrates.  I really enjoy drinking Slender Cider.”

Laura Mancinelli

I’m losing weight and feeling great

“I’m losing weight and I feel terrific!  Thank you for Slender Cider –it’s wonderful!”

Debbie Reynolds

I am thrilled with Slender Cider!

“Slender Cider completely eliminated my heartburn. My stomach is flatter now, too.  I fill my drinking bottle three times a day with one and a half tablespoons of Slender Cider and water.  I absolutely love this product!”

Donna Warren

very pleased with Slender Cider

“I am very pleased with Slender Cider. While drinking slender cider I inadvertently cut back on my coffee intake and I don’t miss the coffee at all.”

Nurit Baron

balances mood and energy levels

“Since I started drinking Slender Cider, I’m not as hungry anymore and I have fewer food cravings.  Plus it gives me energy and I feel more balanced.”

David Albero

I feel more at peace and calmer

“When I take Slender Cider, I feel more at peace and calmer.  I am satisfied with smaller portions and have less of an appetite. I love the taste–not quite sweet, but a really good natural flavor that has a calming effect. I would definitely recommend Slender Cider to anyone.  It’s great to have more energy!”

Anna Albero

energy and stamina

“I find Slender Cider pleasant and a delight to drink!  It is increasing my stamina and I feel more vibrant and alive when I drink it.”

Dr. Kim Walters

Improved Digestion, Better Sleep

“When I drink Slender Cider, I definitely sleep more deeply.  Slender Cider calms bloating and helps my digestion. Plus, I really love the taste.”

Robin Draper

Not craving sweets, deeper, sounder sleep

“I can’t believe how much better I’m sleeping since I started drinking Slender Cider. I’ve also have a lot more energy during the day, but the best part is that I’m falling asleep easier and staying asleep.  And my mood, energy and blood sugar feel a lot more balanced. I’m more mentally focused and I’m not craving sweets like I used to.”

Sally O’Leary

More alert, more stamina

“Slender Cider gives me more stamina and I feel much more alert. I have greater energy and endurance and I’m falling asleep much more easily.  I’ve also dropped three pounds in three weeks and feel fabulous!”

Lynn Reichling

Feel Happier

“Drinking Slender Cider actually makes me feel happier. I can taste how pure and natural the ingredients are.  I don’t feel stimulated but calmer, more focused and clearer with higher energy. My blood sugar feels more steady and it’s a lot easier to eat healthier and cleaner.”

Vaishnavi Kim Lewis

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